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We are a highly experienced architects which focus on retail architecture. We are working on various project including fashion stores restaurants malls and hotels.
Our service includes architectural drawings. Mechanical and electrical design including application projects. Complete with individual quantity survey files. For each project a on site survey will be made to check all measurements and specification.

The project.
Once all necessary approvals and technical services has been obtained we check all laws and legislations for each individual country.
The main office of load retail architects is situated in Istanbul from where we work with different countries including Russia Malaysia Belarus Romania Georgia Balkan states Morocco and finalize all our projects with various local partners.



Our team fulfills the retail brand’s functional and aesthetical needs devoted to product’s presentation and sales.
Presentation methods are studied according to main products’ capasity, type and target marget with a quantitative vision.
This base points spark off store’s product design and concept.

During design process; we consider brand’s current / long term targets; and prepare a corporate concept from their logo to storage design due to expected merch rates.
According to targeted clients and brand’s vision; we choose fabrics and colors of the final work.


– Altınyıldız
– Penti
– Defacto
– SushiCo
– Gebe

– Beymen Business
– SushiCo (Chinese Sushi Express) (Restaurant)
– Barcelos (Restaurant)
– Dental Studio (Clinic)


Our team starts project phase from zoning plan ; it evolves to – in the direction of customer’s needs – an initial layout plan.
Master layout design considers middle unit allocation and its connetion to emergency exit.

All of techincal works are being prepared after approved layout plan; it includes application, ceiling construction and lighting design plans.
Section, detailed facade design, furniture layout and furniture details – each furniture type fits targeted product- are worked in a very careful method
All system details (with furniture ceiling/floor connections) are worked on this phase.
Moreover we study elevator’s, escalator’s and stairs’ static projects if it is needed before application plans.

Mechanical and electrical projects are being prepared correspondingly with ceiling and lighting design. When all required projects are done, superpose project is checked for final submission. Our full set – with architectural, electrical and mechanical project- includes BOQ Works.

Our project is being studied due to targeted country/city; with their detailed cultural and sociological analysis. Local fire & statical standarts, adaptation phase, approvals are being followed on our side . In this context we co-operate our local partners on MENA, SSAA, SAR (Malasia) and CEE regions.


Defacto : Turkey, Morocco, Albania, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Qatar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Egypt, Kosovo, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Romania, Tunisian, Oman, Bulgaria
Koton: Turkey, Morocco, Russia
Lc Waikiki : Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Albania, Georgia
Altınyıldız: Turkey, Azerbaijan



Lc Waikiki

Türkiye, Fas, Rusya, Ukrayna, Bulgaristan, Arnavutluk, Gürcistan


Türkiye, Fas, Arnavutluk, Belarus, Ukrayna, Rusya, Kazakistan, Malezya, Katar, Pakistan, Afganistan, Arabistan, Gürcistan, Mısır, Kosova, Kıbrıs, iran, Irak, Romania, Tunus, Umman


Türkiye, Fas, Rusya


Türkiye, Azerbaycan




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